Citybeat review of Tennessee:
Dynamic Duo Pimps ‘Tennessee’ Blues

Citybeat review of Time's Right:
Local CD of the Week: 46 Long's "Time's Right"

"Together, Taylor and Reynolds form a solid, soulful core that packs more passion and heart in a simple "acoustic duo" setting than most full-on Blues outfits."
Mick Breen -- Citybeat

"Great harp playing; dark, delightful storytelling, and intricate guitar work... Taylor's rich baritone vocals are nicely complimented with Reynolds' more twangy, rugged singing."
Rick Bird -- Cincinnati Post

"Reynolds and Taylor have found a very natural partnership in 46 Long, creating a unique groove to call their own. Trading vocals and effortlessly weaving together guitar and harmonica, they imbue their perfomances with passion and craftsmanship."
Tara O'Donnell --

"The record will delight Blues enthusiasts, captivate folk aficionados, and excite the curiosites of well-groomed songwriters."
Ben Hulette -- the Blues Update